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Students Ages 13-25

Accelerated American HS Diploma

Dual American HS Diploma



English Express

Career Reboot


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Beginning at Age 13- 25

Programs for Players

Students Ages 13-25

Accelerated American HS Diploma

Dual American HS Diploma



English Express

Career Reboot


Champions Choice


Grapefruit League

Types of HS Diploma Programs

College Preparatory Program

For students to plan to advance to higher education in the USA

Career Preparation Program

An integrated knowledge and skills program for students not attending a higher education institution in the USA

Programs for Athletes at a Glance...

AEI is also for students who:

  • Want to attend a university or college in the USA
  • Want to attend an American High School 
  • Want to improve their use of the English language
  • Want top quality education programs not available to them in their home country

Course & Diploma Programs & Features


Live Online Certified American Teachers


Flexible Schedule


Curriculum Access 24/7


No Education Agent Needed for USA Admissions. Coaching & College Admissions Support Included.


SAT/ACT/CLT Prep Included


Student Exchange Opportunities

Dual Diploma: Content Spanish + English Acquisition Program

The Spanish HS program is  from the 9th to the 12th grade. Collaborations for this program  are with respective Latin American & Caribbean Consulates and Ministries of Education & International Affairs. 


Students enrolled in the program are awarded a double diploma: the American from AEI AmericanK12, as well as the Spanish diploma in their native country.
This allows the student to achieve a prestigious academic title while at the same time opening the door to an academic future in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Spanish Curriculum


The program follows the Spanish curriculum which implements Spanish Language and Literature along with Geography and History classes, both in the target language.
Moreover, students are also able to take two AP classes: AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish literature. Students are expected to read and write fluently in Spanish.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is the institution where you will be playing your sport. AEI will work with your organization to plan your academic program around the demands of your training & event schedules. 

You will participated in blended learning. This is the physcial presence of both the student and teacher during live instruction combined with online learning and 24/7 access to curriculum and instruction. 

AEI provides in person teachers for Businesses for all programs including ELL training. In-person teachers are also available for AmericanK12 in regions in which there are 25 or more students enrolled. However, live teachers are online daily for classes for all students.

Live instruction is scheduled according to each time zone and varies according to each students needs. You will work with an academic coach to structure the time you are learning with a live teacher. 

There are over 180 courses available and your academic coach will help you throughout your program to ensure you are completing the best courses for your needs. 

When you enroll you will be assigned a teacher for each of your classes that will you have at least two times a week. However, additional support is available daily if you need it. You will also be assigned an academic coach that oversees all of your courses and sticks with you throughout the entire program. 

The Dual Diploma Program is a program that allows students to receive two diplomas upon graduation from high school. Students will receive their standard high school diploma from American Education International’s AmericanK12 school, as well as an international diploma from a students’ native school or a partner school or institution.

Students can only earn a dual diploma if they take a minimum of six out of 24 mandatory courses and the remaining amount of courses are approved by our accreditation team as transfer courses. 

AEI provides all inclusive support for students enrolled in AmericanK12. You will not need a separate education agent. All students receive college admissions support, workshops & coaching. 

No. You do not need to take these exams when graduating with a dual diploma from AmericanK12. 

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