3 Days Weekly

2 Days English Acquisition

1 Day Professional Training

60 Minute Sessions


3 Months

Groups of 15 – $750 ea.

Groups of 10 – $825 ea.

Individuals – $975

Program Features

Live Instruction

Certified teachers ensure your success as you advance your English level.


Expert coaching according to need: Academic, College, Business, Life

Conversation Hours

Practice speaking with guided conversational hours with people around the world.


Training to build awareness, skills and capacity for academic, business, and personal pursuits and growth.

Curriculum License 24/7 Access

Access to curriculum for reinforcement from Live lessons. Many practices exercises and games to make learning fun.


Join the journey of advanced connections with people you would never meet any other place in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

The term ELL, refers to a student who does not speak English as a first language. These students frequently come from homes that are non-english speaking and need additional instructional support. 

English Language Learner (ELL) students do not necessarily learn differently than other students. However, they can have specific educational needs. AEI specializes in methods that close the learning gap for ELL students. 

This is the physcial presence of both the student and teacher during live instruction combined with online learning and 24/7 access to curriculum and instruction. 

AEI provides in person teachers for Businesses for all programs including ELL training. In-person teachers are also available for AmericanK12 in regions in which there are 25 or more students enrolled. However, live teachers are online daily for classes for all students.

Live instruction is scheduled according to each time zone and varies according to each students needs. You will work with an academic coach to structure the time you are learning with a live teacher. 

There are over 180 courses available and your academic coach will help you throughout your program to ensure you are completing the best courses for your needs. 

When you enroll you will be assigned a teacher for each of your classes that will you have at least two times a week. However, additional support is available daily if you need it. You will also be assigned an academic coach that oversees all of your courses and sticks with you throughout the entire program. 

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