Intl Students American HS Diploma Programs

Just a 3 Step Pathway to USA Higher Education

Enroll in a Cohort

*Complete enrollment form



*Receive consultation for determination

*Pay tuition if accepted


Participate in Classes

*Transfer up to 18 previously taken courses from your local school

*Take 6-8 Classes over 180 days

One 90 minute class

4 days a week


Engage in USA Admissions Process

*Career Research Skills & Decision Making 

*College Admission Support

*College Entrance Test Support

*Graduate with Dual American HS Diploma

*F1- Student Visa Process from University you choose 

What courses will I take for an Accelerated Diploma?

Mandatory Courses

1-Career Research &

Decision-Making Skills

2-American History

3-US Civics

4-College Preparatory Math

5-English Literature (classical)


Other as Needed

English Acquisition (ESOL)


Computer Science

And more…

Who Should Enroll in AEI?

AEI is also for students who: 

Want to attend a university or college in the USA

  • Want to attend an American High School while still living in their native country & earn an American HS diploma
  • Want to improve their use of the English Language for academic and career purposes
  • Want top quality education programs not available to them in their home country
  • Want an opportunity to earn the AICE diploma for 4 year scholarship to participating Universities throughout the world 

Be in the USA in an Instant From Anywhere in the World!

Individual Courses

Dual Diploma Grades 9-11

Accelerated American HS Diploma Ages 17-25

Take one course at a time on your way to accomplish your goals.

Transfer credit from your local high school to AEI.

Take 6 full classes and transfer complete courses from your country’s local school. 

Our admissions counselors will assist provide your full 24 transcript of courses for college admissions anywhere. 

Tranfer credits from your local high school to AEI and complete the remainder of your courses and/or all courses to receive an American High School Diploma from AEI K12. This option is for students who have completed HS or are not in need of a dual HS diploma and are able to take all required courses within 2 years or less. 

Students are jumping for joy!

AEI helps international students earn a top-quality, accredited, American High School diploma without a students having to leave their own home countries.
All courses are delivered with live American teachers online and created to prepare students for now and the future.
Admissions and advancement in an American University or in careers is much easier with a strong foundcation and a High School Diploma from AEIK12 .

At a glance!

AEIK12 (Grades K-12)

All students begin with AmericanK12 prep until reaching the developmental level of english.

AEIK12 Dual Diploma
International Students (Grades 9-12)

Individuals or partner schools may apply.

Accelerated American HS Diploma
(Ages 18-25)

Students may qualify after meeting requirements.

American Academic Residency

Students who meet requirements may attend annually.

Take a closer look!

Want to take a deeper dive?

This book is dedicated to courageous parents
outside of the USA who dare to encourage
the dreams of their children to earn an American HS diploma &
study abroad in the America!

American Standard Diploma Option

mortar board, graduation, graduand-32277.jpg

Accelerated & Dual Diplomas

Upon successful completion students will be awarded an American HS diploma from AEIK12, registered in the state of Florida in the USA. This diploma provides a recognized credential that demonstrates advanced proficiency and academic achievements.

eagle, america, flag-219679.jpg

Comprehensive American Curriculum

Students enrolled in the AEIK12 program will follow a rigorous curriculum aligned with American educational standards. This curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including English language arts, mathematics, sciences, social studies, and electives, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education.

English Language Immersion

One of the primary benefits is the full English immersion experience. Students graduate from a fully English immersion school, exempting them from the requirement of taking or passing English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE for universities in the USA.

University Readiness

Our students are well-prepared for the academic demands and expectations of U.S. universities. They will possess the necessary language proficiency, critical thinking abilities, and academic skills required for success at the higher education level.

Coaching, Counseling, & Test Prep

Students enrolled in the AEIK12 program do not need the support of outside education agents or test prep companies. Student support services are all inclusive for 100% of what is needed for readiness, admissions, and transitional and ongoing support.

Increased Admission Opportunities

Our students have a competitive edge when applying to U.S. universities. The AEIK12 diplom will demonstrate their language proficiency and academic preparedness, eliminating the need for additional English language tests during the university application process.

Contact our admissions team for regional pricing consultation for accurate course selection. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Students demonstrating proficiency in English with transferrable credits from their local school may earn this diploma by taking a minimum of 6 courses. Courses selected are selected to support college admissions in the USA. 

Students earning an American Standard Diploma have completed 24 course credits. International students must take a minimum of 25% of these courses and transfer 75% of their local school courses for an American Standard diploma.

This is the physcial presence of both the student and teacher during live instruction combined with online learning and 24/7 access to curriculum and instruction. 

AEI provides in person teachers for Businesses for all programs including ELL training. In-person teachers are also available for AmericanK12 in regions in which there are 25 or more students enrolled. However, live teachers are online daily for classes for all students.

Live instruction is scheduled according to each time zone and varies according to each students needs. 

AmericanK12 is accredited internationally through Cognia and ICAA and is in the process of being NCAA approved and ACSI approved in the United States. 

The term ELL, refers to a student who does not speak English as a first language. These students frequently come from homes that are non-english speaking and need additional instructional support. 

English Language Learner (ELL) students do not necessarily learn differently than other students. However, they can have specific educational needs. AEI specializes in methods that close the learning gap for ELL students. 

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