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How Do We Teach English Literature & Social Sciences?

Learn HOW to Think NOT just WHAT to Think

In today’s dynamic world, students must adapt beyond traditional education to succeed. 

From engineers to teachers, innovators thrive by tackling challenges from various angles. 

Looking to classical literature, we find timeless wisdom for modern problem-solving. 

Embracing this legacy empowers us to innovate in the face of change.

AEI uses the profound methods of inquiry and critique, used for shaping education and thought. 

AEI’s courses delve into the Socratic method through text analysis and discussion, students hone interpretative skills and critical thinking methods. 

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Rickett's Great Books Overview of Socrates

Classical Author Bank

What about Math?

Welcome to AEI’s Math, where we believe in building a strong mathematical foundation for every student. 

Our comprehensive curriculum takes learners through a structured progression from foundational concepts to advanced topics, 

including pre-algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and pre-Calculus. 

In addition to mastering mathematical skills, students also gain essential knowledge in financial literacy. 

Our digital curriculum is complemented by workbooks at each level. 

Join us on the journey to unlock the potential of mathematics!

How do we do Science?

We begin with a concise study of ancient scientific methodology, tracing its evolution from precise observation to experimental methods. 

Beginning with Aristotle’s empirical approach, students analyze texts like Prior Analytics and Parts of Animals. 

We then explore Lucretius’ atomic theory On the Nature of Things and Galen’s medical science On the Natural Faculties. 

This emphasizes the shift from myth to empirical understanding and its influence on modern science. 

Then, it’s project time! 

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Compare AEI to Traditional School Systems


Most schools teach all students the same courses the same way. 


AEI inspires students in the pursuit of discovering individual gifts and talents while ensuring they develop solid foundations. 


Public School systems were created to produce a labor force during the time of the industrial revolution and it’s purpose has not changed.


AEI prepares students for now and the bright future waiting for them. 



Schools have little engagement and fail to focus on all aspects of growth and development.


AEI students are engaged in a global learning community and become leaders and influencers. 


School are void of teaching basic foundations of compassion,  friendship, and consideration of others. 


AEI teaches students how to make meaning contributions to the world, it’s value and lasting impact. 

Benefits for International Students

Graduation Requirements & Transferable Credits

High School Diploma Requirements

24 Credit
Standard Diploma

Grades 9-12

4 Credits ELA

ELA 1, 2, 3, 4, ELA honors Advanced Placement (AP), AICE, IB and dual enrollment courses may satisfy this requirement

4 Credits Mathematics

One of which must be Algebra 1 & one of which must be Geometry Industry Certifications that lead to college credit may substitute for up to two mathematics credits An identified computer science credit may substitue for up to one mathematics credit (no exceptions for Algebra 1 & Geometry)
(AP), AICE, IB and dual enrollment courses may satisfy this requirement

3 Credits Science

One of which must Biology 1, three of which must be equally rigorous science courses. Two of the four courses must have a labratory component. Industry certifications that lead to college credit may substitute for up to two science credits. An identified computer science credit may substitute for up to one science credit. (No exceptions for Biology 1.) (AP), AICE, IB and dual enrollment courses may satisfy this requirement

3 Credits Social Studies

1 credit in World History 1 credit in U.S. History .5 credit in U.S. Government .5 credit in Economics

2 Credits Fine & Performing Arts

1 Credit Fine and Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, or Practical Arts

2 Credits in World Languages

2 credites (sequential, in the same language or other equivalents) (AP), AICE, IB and dual enrollment courses may satisfy this requirement

2 Credits Financial Literacy & Business Literacy & Leadership Development

1 Credit Health & Physical Education

1 Credit Physical Education to include integration of health

1 Credit College & Career Studies

Academic Residency/Student Exchange (Optional)

Academic residency course work provides credit hours towards ELA, SS, Arts, Leadership Development, and College & Career Studies

What's special about Florida?

What is Open Door Admissions in Florida? The 28 colleges of the Florida College System serve nearly 800,000 students. Colleges offer affordable and stackable workforce redentials including certificate programs, associate in science degrees and associate in arts degrees, which transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. Many colleges also offer workforce bachelor’s degree programs in areas of high demand. All Florida College System institutions have opendoor admissions for students who earned a standard high school diploma or an equivalent diploma or successfully earned college credit.

What is the CAP? The CAP allows a student to earn high school credit if the student passes an AP examination, a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or a statewide course assessment without enrollment in the course. The courses include: Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology 1, U.S. History
Where is information on financial aid located? The Florida Department of Education’s Office of Student Financial Assistance administers a variety of postsecondary educational state-funded grants and scholarships.


Frequently Asked Questions

The term ELL, refers to a student who does not speak English as a first language. These students frequently come from homes that are non-english speaking and need additional instructional support. 

English Language Learner (ELL) students do not necessarily learn differently than other students. However, they can have specific educational needs. AEI specializes in methods that close the learning gap for ELL students. 

This is the physcial presence of both the student and teacher during live instruction combined with online learning and 24/7 access to curriculum and instruction. 

AEI provides in person teachers for Businesses for all programs including ELL training. In-person teachers are also available for AmericanK12 in regions in which there are 25 or more students enrolled. However, live teachers are online daily for classes for all students.

Live instruction is scheduled according to each time zone and varies according to each students needs. 

There are courses for everyone learning the English Language and in need of career studies or professional/business training. 

AmericanK12 is accredited internationally through Cognia and ICAA and is in the process of being NCAA approved and ACSI approved in the United States. 

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