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🌍 Our transformative exchange program goes beyond boundaries!✨


📚 Full Immersion Opportunity:

Immerse yourself in language and academics with on-site classes.


🌟 Open to All Ages 14 & UP:

AEI students of all ages qualify for this enriching experience.


🚀 Advantages:

  • Academic Excellence: Benefit from high-quality education tailored to your needs.
  • Language Mastery: Enhance your language skills through immersive learning.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Discover the vibrant culture of Central Florida through exciting excursions.
  • Personal Growth: Expand your horizons and develop invaluable life skills.


🎓 Tailored Programs:

For partner schools and groups, programs are customized to specific needs and goals.

Embark on a journey of learning, growth, and adventure with AEI’s Academic Residency program! 🎓🌟



American Academic Residency

Experience of a Lifetime

Academic Residency is a great choice for international students who wish to enrich their academic experience with a cultural experience in the USA. This program ranges from 8-15 days with extended and tailored options for schools. 





Arrival and Acclimation in Florida

Arrival in Florida from your country.

Check-in to designated accommodations.

Relaxation day to unwind from the long flight.

Welcome orientation and team building activity.

Evening: Group dinner and introduction to American culture.


College Visits and Dorm Stay Experience. Guided tours of various colleges and universities. Experience a day in the life of a college student. Engage in discussions with university admissions staff and students. Workshops on college application strategies and resume building.


Kennedy Space Center and Academic Insights Visit to Kennedy Space Center, learning about space exploration. Engage in educational workshops related to space and science. Interactive sessions with astronauts and space experts.


Orlando Theme Parks and Cultural Experience Day at Orlando theme parks (e.g., Universal Studios, Walt Disney World). Explore cultural districts and art exhibits.


Marine ecology excursion, exploring Florida's marine life and ecosystems. Full English immersion classes and cultural exchange activities. Group projects related to marine ecology and presentation.


American sports experience: Visit sports arenas, participate in sports activities, and learn about popular American sports.


Water taxi excursion to downtown Tampa for an arts experience. Visit museums and arts centers to explore various art forms. Engage in interactive art workshops and demonstrations.


Relaxation and beach activities at the beautiful and sunny beaches of central Florida.

Daytona International Speedway & SIM STEM

Up-close and behind the scenes at the World Center of Racing!

Tentative Schedule American Residency Experiences

Day 1-2: Arrival and Acclimation

Day 3-4: Higher Education Experience

Day 5-7: STEM Experience

Day 8-10: Theme Park Experience

Day 11-12: Marine Ecology Experience

Day 13-14: American Sports and Arts Experience

Day 15: Departure and Farewell

Please note that this is a tentative order of events and schedule, subject to change.

Tampa Bay Area

Tampa has beautiful beaches and pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Tampa is West Central Florida’s center of commerce, communications, business, government, heath care, scientific research, sports, curlture and entertainment. There is about 2.7 million people. Take a moment to enjoy these video from one of our local university partners we will be visiting in the exchange Academic Residency program. 

Experiences at a Glance

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